Susan Weagant, Speaker & Author, shares her story of how God brought her from a life of brokenness to fulfillment in her book:

Essentials of the Heart!



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Essentials of the Heart is a great and practical little book that truly does get to the "heart" of the matter. It is an easy read, yet full of powerful nuggets of truth from God's Word. All of this is interwoven beautifully with Susan's own personal testimony of the Lord's redemption. I read this book in a short time and was captured by Susan's unfolding story and also had many "aha" moments which really hit home. Perhaps my favorite thing about Essentials of the Heart is its practicality. It is not simply a run-down of theological ideas (although there are plenty of them), but rather a practical guide of how to live these ideas out in daily life. I recommend this book without reserve to anyone wanting a time of refreshment and renewal from the Lord, His Word, and the testimony of one of His faithful.


Take a journey through an easy-to-read, Biblically sound book that will have you examining your own heart and how you do relationships. Both your relationship with the Lord and with others. You will be introduced to some wonderful disciplines that, when followed through on a daily basis, will only make your life better!
If you are looking for a quick, encouraging read that will change the way you look at relationships, I highly recommend this book. A must-read that I give a huge thumbs up to!


Shoopette’s Book Reviews - Essentials of the Heart

Today’s post is a blog tour for “Essentials of the Heart” by Susan Weagant. This book was sent to me by the author through Christian Speaker Services.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book when I received it, but it turned out to be a really good book. The author, Susan Weagant, does not shy away from using Scripture as the basis of how to live your life. The book is written in ‘first person’ so you know that this is truly from her heart.

“Essentials of the Heart” is only 153 pages, but there are a lot of great truths within those pages. It did not take long for me to read it—I think it would be a great little devotional for a busy Mom like me! There are pages for reflection at the end of every small section.


Wayne E Marcy, Jr., Author of Love Holy

Susan I loved your book. It is so appropriately titled and should be great for the mature believer and babe in Christ alike. It covers so thoroughly the decisions, commitments and disciplines that are needed to live the Christian life as God would have us live it. Mature believers will be reminded of important truths that may have gotten stuffed away in the closets of our minds and hearts. For me it pleasantly prompted me to return to some of those essentials that I needed to bring back into the light of my daily life. I am going to have my 15 year old boys read it. For them it will be a fresh insight into the Christian life that will be very beneficial to them as well. The stories you tell from your life take Essentials from a teaching book to a poignant journal of your journey that highlights the struggles you survived and lessons you learned as you have tried to live your Christian life.  Thanks for sharing so deeply and freely.

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I won your book at MOPS and have been reading it ever since. It's been life-changing for me, and I know that God wanted me to have this book.

Susan poses the question: What is my desire? I've found through this question that my relationship with God has taken a "backseat". God showed me through this book that it is time for me to grow up in my faith and that I need to move on from "milk" to "solid food", which is ironic because I have a 7- month-old who is having a hard time transitioning from milk to solids! Not growing up in my faith has caused me to backslide and begin to not trust God. Susan reminds us that we can come to God about anything...even asking God for something as simple as having a desire for Him!

Thank you!!!!!!